About us

Mikrokreditna fondacija LOK Sarajevo (hereafter: „LOK MCF“) is a non-depository financial institution whose core business activity is to provide microloans with the aim of improving the financial situation of microloan users, creating jobs and providing support to entrepreneurship development. LOK MCF cultivates and carries on social mission and business tradition started in 1997, by implementing microcredit programme originally within non-governmental organisation, while following the enactment of the first Law on Microcredit Organisations (“Official Gazette of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina” No. 24/00), microcredit organisation LOKmicro was founded. Later, the status of this organisation was aligned with the subsequent Law on Microcredit Organisations (Official Gazette of FBiH No. 59/06) and LOK MCF entered the Registry of Microcredit Foundations in 2008.

Our target clients are:

  • natural persons with a business idea and the intention to start an own business but also the need for initial or additional financial resources required to do that;
  • micro and small businesses in the start-up phase, or already running but wish to prosper;
  • individual farmers and agricultural households;
  • individuals and family households who wish to expand, rebuild or renovate their apartments or houses in order to improve their living conditions and increase energy efficiency of their residential objects;
  • natural persons who need additional financial resources to meet their personal needs or those of their households.